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GPLAY PLEASE FIX THE is ridiculous how you can play dota only if you are e premium member and enter the only room with players inside... please fix the rooms so we can all play … already 2 weeks only one room is busy and is haliriously full in the other rooms there is only afk accounts... if you get lucky to join the room C-room 1 you can play otherwise you just staying 2,3 hours in empty room.. I don't know how is possible 238 players to be in room big enough for 175 Big Grin it is very strange.... please fix this stupidity and let us all play... in the other hand if you want to make it only for premium guest... please let me know so I can change the platform and play … not wait 23423 hours for 1 game... ridiculous !!!!!!!! FIX THE ROOMS !!!!

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