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Full Version: GPlay Anti Cheat
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GPlay Client v 1.99 comes with the first version of GPlay Anti Cheat . 

Please remove all Cheats you are using or you risk getting banned.
Thank You Ghost .

Please Contact with Dracol1ch on ( )

For New Version of Dota map ( 88 ) .
We Need Camera Distance ...
We Can Use Camera Distance in 85 map !
I Guest You Will Remove 83 Map Soon like RGC And Other Dota Gaming Client
Please Do This ...
GG admin +1
what ? :|
I will remove dota 6.83d once 6.88 version is stable .
De ce nu mi se deschide GPLAY ??
(12-02-2016, 12:33 PM)copacel1234 Wrote: [ -> ]De ce nu mi se deschide GPLAY ??

De ce apa e uda ? ce intrebare de om stupid ..
Nu functioneaza!
La cat de bine joc zic astia la fiecare meci ca am mh.
rudaCuDracul a jucat cu MapHack. Se poate vedea in replay cat de mult s-a folosit de hack.
n1ksan bulgarul asta imputit joca si cu map hack , si vb si urat si nimeni nu poate sa ia o decizie sa ii fie suspendat contul , sau trebuie sa rectivez meber vip .
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